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Hank Kearney is president and founder of PHM International, Inc. and he is based in Florida, USA. PHM International is the established brand holder of the PHM Emerging Markets Healthcare Monitor, GHAN - the Global Health Access® Network, and PHM Macedonia, LLC.

Today, Hank helps companies better understand how the combination of policy, politics, market risks, and geopolitics impact the healthcare markets at large, and client companies in particular. Corporate leaders use his experience and insights to manage their companies more profitably, more ethically, more efficiently. Clients include private equity firms, fund managers, international banks, and healthcare companies.

As the publisher of the PHM Emerging Markets Healthcare Monitor, Hank is a frequent commentator on healthcare developments around the world. Targeting private healthcare and emerging markets, Hank’s commentary is sought after for its refreshingly honest and independent approach. His is also a speaker at industry conferences.

Hank has participated in industry symposia and think tanks including "Pharma Futures: One Year On," "ARISTA II: Health People" and the Future Directions Group of Mosby.  In 1999 he founded Global Health Access®.

Prior to PHM International he served as Executive Director Marketing at Mosby Consumer Health, a division of then listed Times Mirror. He was also a product manager at one of "The Blues," developing the USA's first data driven wellness programme.  

Hank Kearney has a BA in Economics from Rutgers University and is one of only a handful of individuals with both the MHP (Managed Healthcare Professional) and RHU (Registered Health Underwriter) designations.