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IFC's 4th Bi-Annual Private Healthcare Conference
Washington, DC.
25 - 27 May, 2011

"Beyond Tomorrow: Private Healthcare and Emerging Markets" - 22 minutes
            Demographics & Geopolitical Impact
            Health Worker Shortage as National Risk
            Exporting the Health Insurance Risk
            2-Tier Health Systems & Defense Budgets
            Medical Tourism
            Pharmaceuticals at Risk & Russia
            Mobile Health's Impact on Africa

May 25, 2011

IFC's 4th International Private Healthcare Conference
"Beyond Tomorrow: Private Healthcare and Emerging Markets"
Full speech, 22 minutes.

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Introduction and Background:

The Demographic and Geopolitical Impact.

Health Worker Shortage as National Security Risk.

Exporting the Risk in Health Insurance.


The 2-Tier Health System and Defense Budgets.

Medical Tourism

Regulatory Risk: Pharmaceuticals at Risk in Russia.


Mobile Health's Big Impact on Africa's Future.


     For a download of the full speech text, click here. (in pdf)